Poor Amos


A lot of talking on the streets that does not tally with the writings online by the same few. I have been wondering and perhaps that’s why I thought this is a good place to share my views. My views, from the streets. My views for you to ponder upon.

1. Just because he is young, that doesn’t make him a victim, because he was the one who started hurting people.

2. Indeed, being slapped by the other guy was uncalled for, but have you also paused and thought about what’s action-reaction?

3. Poor Amos, who is seemingly bright and intelligent, is not that wise afterall. Wisdom is different from intellect. As with what good mentors would have told us, over and over again.


4. Roy/Amos : Mentor/Mentee/Mental/Messiah-complex/Mess

5. The real bullies online are not the Govt guys. It’s really you who, in name of protecting him, yet keep sharing about him, making him ‘popular’ or not for that matter.

Think again.


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