“This signboard had been dangling near my block for more than a week and guess which GRC I’m in?”

Photo comment left on a post by a resident at Rivervale Street, Punggol East under AHPETC.

Problems after problems. Denial after denial. Lies after lies. And netizens (or rather some vocal netizens supporting the Opposition) think that the Government is still at fault. Workers’ Party is always right. If they are wrong, it must be that People’s Action Party sabotage or whatsoever. I bet they think that the signboard is damaged by PAP or GOVT. When will our people unite and come to senses that WP is doing us no good? Supporting sites previously like The Real Singapore and having TRS supporting them back, how good can it be? Stirring dramatic emotions, causing conflicts between us and foreigners which also mean causing misunderstandings between us and other countries!


At first, they say they have money. Now they say they have no money.


Sure. Vote for them again. Give them another ward, why not? They know how to ride and feed on your emotions. Telling you all about empathy because they are working-class, like you. And then, they take your money. Because they really need it.


We need a world-class opposition party. That’s what we Singaporeans need.

If you can’t sort out municipal issues, don’t come tell us that you can change the world.


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