Are we emotional voters or logical voters? -Ah Tan

Following UK election, I was thinking about Singaporeans’ votes as Singapore General Elections is rumoured to be around the corner.

Question here is. Are we emotional voters or logical voters?


We like to think of ourselves as logical voters. Taking logical approach to solving problems. And Governing really is about solving problems. Be it National issues or municipal issues, the role of the Government is to help solve these problems.

And if you ask me if our Government of the day had done a good job thus far, I touch my heart, and I’d say yes. So why do so many people still hate them? Because we are emotional voters.

Well, this is what I think.

They are too clean sometimes, they don’t act, dramatize, which is essential in politics. It appeals to voters. You will always vote for a sensational rally-speaker.

When things go wrong, it’s always easy to blame everything on the Government. Train breaks down, it’s their fault. But we have forgotten, it’s because of the Government that we have trains! Yet at the GE period, that few days, if trains were to break down during that few days, that’s it. Vote the opposition. That’s just so ‘us’.


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