Joo Chiat -JJD

And so Yee Jenn Jong, JJ, is very active in Joo Chiat. Or at least, that’s what I heard. I read his blog. He’s very active on blogging too. Or at least, better than me. But I see he’s one who blogs alot but say nothing. Oh my God. So much for benefit of doubt for the Opposition, or at least, Workers’ Party.

It’s a skill to say a lot but nothing at all.

WP really sucks at handling the Aljunied town council thingy. AHPETC problems all over the internet. So much for voting for them. World-class opposition my arse man.

After the whole LKY incident, when i see the Nation coming together, and all those previously not released videos, call it brainwashing or whatsoever, but if you think about it, PAP is actually quite ok. I’m not a supporter of Charles Chong though so best is they replace him. Well, nobody’s perfect but we need a really good party to rule our home.

Anyway, Goo Goo Dolls are not making any new album. :/



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