Aljunied without George Yeo -Anonymous

Just how many of us were disappointed when George Yeo was voted out in GE 2011, Singapore?

We have all heard how sad it is to have lost such a great man. He would have continued to make a difference. Did you know that he could have been President? It was only because Tony Tan wanted in, that he chose to opt out. He mentioned that it was not about ambitions, but duty, that he initially agreed to run for Presidency.

“Am I retiring from politics?” he asked at a press conference. “My own view is it is the responsibility of every citizen to be involved in politics because politics is about the way our lives are run collectively. So I don’t think I’ll ever retire from politics because I am a citizen of Singapore. And I’ve got beliefs, I’ve got views and if I can make contributions, I should.”

But he did say that he will not be participating in the next general elections and would leave the task of winning Aljunied back to a younger person.

This drew criticisms from some, who accused him of leaving the PAP team and its activists to fight the next battle in Aljunied.

Mr Yeo’s response was: “I didn’t resign. I was voted out.”

Check and balance is indeed important. But check where, balance what, that’s important. Can we afford to lose another great leader? And I’m writing in even though I support the opposition.



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