Day of National Remembrance: Singapore flags at half-mast for Sabah quake victims -Sam Ng


This is what SMRT(feedback) wrote on their facebook status.

You know what’s sickening? When parents or netizens blame MOE and the school for the disaster that happened at Kota Kinabalu; about how school field trips like these should be banned.

It’s a natural disaster. No one planned for it. Field trips like these give kids an experience that no classrooms can give. Looking at the positive side, this disaster taught the kids about the feeling of losing someone they love; the act of being independent and how their survival lies solely on their will to live; about humility, empathy, and sacrifice – characteristics that are sorely lacking in parents these days.

God bless.

And I thought ‘spot on’. Past few days have been dark, as Singaporeans slowly recover from our late Founding Father’s passing. But there you have online keyboard warriors as usual, complaining about MOE.

As a kid growing up in the 80s, we are used to expeditions even to Mt. Ophir and Kinabalu. And mind you, we were in primary school. So why is it now that a Natural Disaster happened, and it’s MOE’s fault. I have nowhere else to vent but here at ponderwall, so here it is.


Having said that, my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims.


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