The Online Workers’ Party Citizen -Damien Chua

The Online Citizen was thought to be more neutral than The Real Singapore. And so we thought?

But if one scrutinizes the entire proceedings of the AHPETC issue, one can see how alternate media victimizes the Workers’ Party. As much as mainstream media sides MND and the PAP, if I may. But to be fair, on a case by case basis, can we really trust what TOC reports?

They are basically the mouthpiece of The Workers’ Party. I am beginning to think that they are paid to do so.

Some facts are that TOC has not say a single word on the conflict of interest and related party transactions that the AHPETC is embroiled in, nor any attempts to provide analyses of these. The closest the TOC has come to addressing the issue <>  was an article arguing that in withholding government grants from AHPETC during the course of investigations, the “PAP is depriving residents”. This is problematic on two counts. First, TOC has not addressed the reason why these grants were withheld in the first place: the conflicts of interest and other discrepancies raised in the AGO audit. Second, TOC has conflated the MND with the PAP. The MND (being a ministry) is technically part of public administration and hence separate from the PAP (being a political party). This inability to separate administration from politics either reflects a lack of political education among TOC’s writers and editors or more likely, an intention to politicize what is essentially a legal-administrative issue.

And if a discerning-you think about it, doesn’t TOC like to report a lot of slandering on PAP?

Hmmmm? I thought so too.



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