[SG Politics] Joo Chiat Resident Prefers Edwin Tong


As a Joo Joo Doll, not to be confused as Jenn Jong’s Doll, I am happy to hear that Edwin Tong is contesting as part of Marine Parade GRC set-up! Knowing that I am never a Charles Chong fan, one ought to predict that whoever PAP send in to Joo Chiat would receive my support. Well, I’d say that’s half-truth though. If it wasn’t Edwin Tong, I’d probably support Yee Jenn Jong.

So why Edwin Tong?

Contrary to ‘unpopular’ belief (pun intended) made believed online, Edwin Tong is quite a people-person. Let’s just say that my cousin worked in the vicinity of his office area. And having heard a few good things about him from my cousin (though I didn’t bother much earlier, afterall he was at Jalan Besar if I am not wrong), I personally ran into him once (of course, with my cousin), and I must say, No-Airs at all.

And although, Jenn Jong is kinda popular with my immediate neighbour, who also said nice things about, I think eh-hem, he can be rather small-minded. If you are Yee JJ and you are reading this, we need a voice to represent us, not to just question them!! Come up with solutions yo?

On this note, Edwin is much eloquent. Comparing Yee’s notes on his blog which is just blah~, Edwin’s day job as a high-flyer lawyer would be much more practical when it comes to helping us Joo Chiat residents. (note again, why I wasn’t Charles’ fan). While there is still time, maybe WP should field in a lawyer. So we can compare apple to apple.



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